Radar Origin Combo Water Skis With Horsesho

Radar Origin Combo Water Skis With Horseshoe Bindings '20

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59 cm

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The Radar Origin Combo Water Skis With Horseshoe Bindings are made to get you up and on top of the water efficiently, in the most traditional manner. The narrower profile makes them nimble once on top. Sliding adjustable horseshoe bindings complete the package. Combo skiing is the cornerstone to a future of enjoyment behind the boat. Making it easy for someone to learn how to ski is the key to them having fun and wanting to come back for more. These combo skis ensure anyone wanting to strap on a pair of skis and learn how to rip has a blast from the first time they drop into the water.


Ideal entry-level snorkel set for kids 4+ Toucan mask features 2-window shatterproof polycarbonate (PC) lenses 3-way adjustable head strap with Quick-Release buckles makes it easy for kids to adjust Submersible Eco Dry Top Jr snorkel closes when submerged to keep water out of the breathing tube Contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped to easily fit smaller faces


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