Phelps Men's Ninja Competition Googles '20

Phelps Men's Ninja Competition Googles '20

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The Phelps Men's Ninja Competition Googles combine patented frame technology and a hydrodynamic low-profile fit offering the lightest goggle, giving swimmers a competitive edge. The patented "Set it and forget it" strap provides a hassle-free experience so you can simply focus on swimming fast. The Curved Lens Technology for expanded field of vision allows the swimmer to sight walls and the competition without altering head position.


Ideal entry-level snorkel set for kids 4+ Toucan mask features 2-window shatterproof polycarbonate (PC) lenses 3-way adjustable head strap with Quick-Release buckles makes it easy for kids to adjust Submersible Eco Dry Top Jr snorkel closes when submerged to keep water out of the breathing tube Contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped to easily fit smaller faces